Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Play the whole session

The Daughtry guys visited Napster a few weeks back to lay down songs from their debut album, including an acoustic version of the current single, "It's Not Over", which is blowing up at radio and TV.

I'm sure you remember frontman Chris from Season 5 of American Idol, and you know how they like to keep it in the Idol family, so don't be surprised when you hear the ballad "Home" being played as dismayed contestants are booted off the show this season. "I'm going home, to the place where I belong..." The lyrics sound specifically written for an Idol exit song, but Chris actually wrote the song years ago, before auditioing for Idol. Lucky for him, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate theme for the walk of shame. Talk about a twist of fate for Chris, who was voted off Idol early himself last year and has since gone platinum!

In addition to showcasing Chris's nice falsetto on "Breakdown", the Daughtry crew also performed a stellar cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Check out the dummer Joey, one of Chris's old pals from back home in North Carolina, playing the snare with his fingertips. That was slick, especially as he somehow managed to get shaker sounds in there, too.